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The STRIKE SUITE line of tactical gear represents a family of products designed to work together and with other industry standard gear, to provide the end user the most modular and scalable solutions to the problems posed by changing mission sets. Represented by the acronym meaning: Standardized Rapid Integration Kinetic Equipment Scalable Universal Individual Textile Ensemble.

Throughout this line we've used cross-compatibleuser serviceable buckles (because we all know that kit can break in the field with extreme use!). We've also paid attention to the distance that buckles are spaced apart on this line, so that it's compatible with other commercially available equipment.

28 products found in STRIKE SUITE Chest Rigs & Accessories

Multi-Role Placard (Base of our Micro Rig System)
  • $78.00
MPAK-S Leader Admin Placard
  • $86.50
STRIKE Medium Molle Placard (10 Cell)
  • $64.50
STRIKE Small Molle Placard (6 Cell)
  • $54.50
STRIKE Molle to Loop Placard
  • $39.50
Fragmentation Vest Adapter Kit
  • From $48.50
STRIKE Hydration Pack
  • From $129.50
CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) Sock
  • $15.50
Wedge Insert Admin Pouch
  • $29.50
Half Flap
  • $22.50
Zippered Full Flap
  • $36.50
Back Strap
  • $19.50
Backer Pad
  • $17.50
H-Shoulder Harness
  • From $48.50
Trifold Shoulder Pads
  • $24.50
1" QASM buckle
  • $3.50
Garmin Foretex Strap
  • $6.95
Double 9mm Mag Elastic Insert
  • From $24.50