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CPGear x Tactical74

We're excited to work with Pierre to offer some amazing CAF themed products that are one of a kind.
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Pierre's Bio: Pierre (@tactical74) has been doing graphic design work for over 10 years now. He started with designing motocross racing gear and BMX racing jerseys. His journey took him eventually on a different path and he started focusing on screen printing and morale patch design for the CAF.

Pierre joined the Forces in 1992 with the Regiment de la Chaudière in Levis as Infantry and made the switch to the Reg Force Navy as a NESOP in 1994. In 1997, sick and tired of living onboard HMCS Winnipeg he figured he would try to make it as a civilian. He managed to make it work for ten years, mainly as an Information Management Specialist. He finally rejoined in 2007 again as a NESOP. In 2021, Pierre became an AESOP with the RCAF. Pierre’s wife, Isabelle (AVN Tech) and his son, Antoine (MSE OP) are also both members of the CAF.

Pierre is happy to have joined CP Gear as a designer and is looking forward to focusing on what he loves doing, which is designing awesome morale patches and t-shirts. You can follow Pierre on Instagram @tactical74.


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